.NET User Group Hamburg Treffen am 14.7.

Das nächste .NET User Group Hamburg Treffen findet am 7. Juli (14.Juli) 2010 bei der SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH, Völkersstraße 38, Hamburg (http://www.sinnerschrader.de) statt.

Thema: Server-side Javascript mit node.js (http://nodejs.org) von Malte Ubl (http://twitter.com/cramforce, http://www.nonblocking.io)

Der Vortrag wurde auf der Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2010 (http://swdc-central.com) gehalten.

Eintritt ist wie immer frei und die Anmeldung erfolgt per Xing.

Node.js was easily the most exciting peace of innovation in web technology in 2009. If it wasn't good enough to finally enjoy working in a server side JavaScript environment that just feels right, node.js brought a new paradigm to mainstream web development that has never been this accessible before: Asynchronous non-blocking IO and the event loop.

The realtime web with new protocols for two-sided communication between client and server such as Comet require a whole new approach to scalability. With the traditional request-response paradigm for sending data between client and server we got away with building servers that only allowed a quite small number of simultaneous connections to be open at any given time. This approach no longer works but building scalable servers is harder than it seems. The good thing is: With node.js it is really easy.

This talk will give you an overview in how to build highly scalable network applications with node.js in a matter of minutes and we will take a little detour into what asynchronous programming really is and how it solves many of the scalability problems we face today.

Bio: Malte specializes in web based rocket science for Germany's leading internet agency SinnerSchrader.

Socialized with Smalltalk in the 90s Malte later explored the depth of Perl and most other programming languages until falling in love with JavaScript. He is the creator of the Joose meta object system which transfer concepts from a multitude of programming languages into JavaScript in a way that feels both powerful and native to the core language.

Malte likes to build stuff. You might meet him on the web doing web worker integration for bespin, tracking the one event loop to rule them all, saving the environment or inventing massively parallel crowd-sourced JavaScript app server clouds.